Jam Productions presents… Rise Against and Foo Fighters at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul, MN on September 14, 2011.

Rise Against was the opening act on the opening night of the second leg of the tour. Have not heard much from these guys personally, but I like what I saw tonight. Guitar player was amazing on stage as he did not stop jumping around at all, while jamming killer guitar riffs. Definitely a great band to watch.

Checking out the stage before Foo Fighters came on and it was interesting to say the least. It made me wonder how it was all going to work. In the lighting rigs they had 12-16 triangular light that had light on the bottom and also did video on the sides. Very impressive on how they moved throughout the show. The middle of the stage goes all the way out to the center of arena. If you get to be on the floor check out the back or in the center they go up and down the ramp quite a bit.

Foo Fighters hit the stage right at 8:30 and the show ended at 11:05. So if you are planning on going prepared to be there for a while. Dave comes on so well as a front man. He just hits the stage and keeps going. Did not even stop to talk to the crowd until 5 songs into the set.

The rest of the band was really tight all night. Talyor kept them in check with his perfect drumming. Chris only really left his side of the stage when him and Dave had a sweet guitar off half way through the set. Good to see Pat Smear back in the band. It was interesting at one point they had the band and keyboard play and violin player, Minneapolis’ own Jessy Greene, on stage. It was definitely neat to see 7 people up on stage for a rock act. Half way through he stated that they can still play rock ‘n’ roll with out any computers behind them, just guitars and drums. Yes it is good to see them do just what rock ‘n’ roll needs.

Right towards the end he says they do not want to stop playing. So he tells a little story about the show where once Cee-lo did not show up and they were asked to perform. A few minutes later they go on doing covers. They then rip into Tie Your Mother Down by Queen to set a highlight of the night.

A kick ass rock ‘n’ roll band. Only concern is Dave’s voice can hold up through the rest of the tour dates.
He was getting a little raspy towards the end. This show is a must see.

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