The Moody Blues live at Pantages Playhouse Theatre in Winnipeg, MB on September 30, 2011.

64, 68, and 70; those are the ages of the original three members of the classic bluesy-rock band, The Moody Blues. Being together 47 years, the band is still touring world-wide like they haven’t hit the 10 year mark yet. Adding an additional 4 people to their trio to tour, the Moody Blues are still sounding very familiar as they they did when they were releasing their hits in the 60’s.

Filling up Pantages Playhouse Theatre, lead singer and guitarist Justin Hayword, and bassist John Lodge, frequently took turns singing lead throughout the show. The band consisted of lead guitar, a bassist, 2 drummers, 2 pianists who sang as well as played other instruments, and a back-up vocalist who frequently played the flute, as well as some guitar.

The visual show was definitely more expected with lights surrounding the stage, lighting up the entire theatre. Every few songs, steam and fog would carpet the floor and rush like a waterfall of the stage and evaporate. A large screen was also in the background, playing loops of ‘trippy’ 70’s influenced material.

About just over halfway into the night, 70 year old Graeme Edge gave a speech on birthdays. On how you hit these big ones throughout your life, like 18, or 21, or in his case, 70. But he definitely made it evident that age is only a number as he continued to rock on those drums, and even sing a song as if he were a fraction of the age.

As expected, the theatre erupted with Nights In White Satin and as the show ended they were brought on for a 1 song encore to end off the night. All in all, fans who had literally been fans for decades, left the theatre more than satisfied, for possibly one of their last viewings of the The Moody Blues.

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  1. Ricardo

    I was lucky enough to see and hear the concert in Halifax, NS on September 15th and the show was amazing. I certainly wish Halifax had a 3,500 to 5,000 seat concert hall with great acoustics as the superb show would have been greater than it was. I have been a fan of the group almost as long as they have been together and have missed many of their concerts for various reasons. I finally attended and was blown away. As the Winnipwg article states, this is not a young group and to have their vitality was beyond words. I think anyone attending one of their concerts would be amazed and happy.

  2. Russ

    We saw them at the Jubilee in Calgary and they were fantastic, utterly fantastic. I saw them about 25 years ago and I think they were better this time. Just wonderful. Thank them all for so much wonderful music.

  3. Arline in Florida

    Even though I live in Florida, I was in Calgary and also saw them at the Jubilee Auditorium. I’ve been a Moody Blues fan for 37 years now and each time I see them, I think they get better and better. This band just gives their all every time they get on stage. And their fans love them for this! Graeme Edge just announced that their Spring, 2012 tour will most likely start in Florida and go up the East Coast ending in Niagara Falls!! That is great for me! When they did almost the same tour in 2010, my husband and I attended six Florida concerts and two in New Jersey. We fans will travel all over to see our Moodies. In effect, we are *Long Distance Voyagers*!!!


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