Jam, The Current , and First Avenue presents… The Darkness.

Opening up the night was Foxy Shazam. They are a super energetic band from the Cincinati, Ohio who formed in 2004 and have been rocking the globe since. WIth a rock feel and UK rock alternative sound. They had a super fast set of about 35 minutes. While flying around the stage lead singer Erin Nally was incerdible. I have never have seen somersaults on stage before.
During the set, I had also met some girls in the front that have been following the band from New Orleans. It’s a pretty long way to follow a band if you ask me, Foxy Shazam definitely have some dedicated fan.

Next up, The Darkness. I was very excited to see there first US tour in 7 years which included a stop at the world famous First Avenue. After the departure of Justin Hawkins (lead singer and guitar) in 2006 they have reunited for a new album and tour. After playing a year over seas it was time to embark on a small US tour before the album comes out. The band also welcomes back original bassist Frankie Poullian, he left in 2005 citing musical differences. I was glad to see they all wanted to rock together again.

Rocking right into Black Shuck off the first CD the band went right into it. Justin was sporting an american flag type leather outfit which it seems, only rock stars can get away with awesome outfits like that. Up next was Growing On Me, The Best of Me, and One Way Ticket. Then the highly anticipated new song Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us. It sounded as a mix of the first CD and something from the second CD. It’s definitely a good song and should fit in well with the new album. Dan Hawkins is a great guitarist to keep the band tight and rocking through out the set. As well, with Ed Graham on drums and Frankie back on bass the rythmn section was better than ever. The whole band has such a great rock’n’roll look. The rest of the set included Get Your Hands off My Woman, I Can’t Believe It’s Not Love, Holding My Own, Love Is Only A Feeling, Concrete, Friday Night, Hazel Eyes, Physical Sex(B side rare song), Is It Just Me, She’s Just A Girl Eddie, Givin’ Up, Stuck In A Rut, and of course I Believe in a Thing Called Love. They then led into their encore with Bareback, and Love On The Rocks With No Ice.

With the band back and new CD coming out I do believe in a thing called Rock N Roll.

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