Hard Rock Hotel Casino presents FILTER at the  Soundwaves Pool, Las Vegas, Nevada, August 11, 2012

Filter headlined the Hard Rock Hotel Casino in Las Vegas, August 11th, at an outdoor poolside show.  Las Vegas is the last place you have to worry about a concert getting rained out but we are in monsoon season here in the desert and a few hours before showtime the sky turned ominous, streaked with lightning and the high winds kicked in.   I headed over to the show through heavy rains, hoping it wouldn’t ruin the show.  By the time Filter took the stage, we were getting a light rain but the crowd turned out and Filter gave us what we came for.

If you are a musician and you want to learn how to put on a great live show, I recommend you go see Filter and take notes.  Richard Patrick is authentic, his lyrics are personal and intelligent.  He connects with the fans because he’s not selling them something a record label created – he’s genuine Richard Patrick, sharing his experiences and often his pain.  His delivery can only be described as passionate and when you combine that with the rest of the band you have a powerhouse.   Jeff Friedl is an incredible drummer, often on stage with A Perfect Circle and many other great bands, he has been a great addition to Filter’s lineup.  Guitarist Jonny Radkte and bassist Phil Buckman are pure energy taking over the stage.   Highlights for the night were Richard’s crowd surfing while singing Best Things, which is always a great moment at a Filter show and Skinny, a song I haven’t heard in a while and was happy to see performed live.

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