Hard Rock Hotel Casino presents The Dreaming with BlackBox13, at Vinyl, Las Vegas, Nevada, September 1, 2012

The Dreaming has long been one of my favorite bands so I was very happy when I saw the new venue, Vinyl, at The Hard Rock Hotel Casino, announced they were coming back to Las Vegas.  The Dreaming, fronted by Chris Hall, recently released their first major label album, Puppet, an album I have been listening to often since it’s release.   Puppet has received great reviews, the single Every Trace was featured in the movie “The Hammer” about deaf UFC fighter Matt Hammil and is receiving significant airplay nationwide.  Save Yourself, a Stabbing Westward hit and one of my personal favorite songs that Chris Hall sings, is often performed by The Dreaming and was recently featured in the season finale of original HBO series, True Blood.   The Dreaming is finally getting a start on the recognition they have worked so hard for and it is well deserved.

This night was opened by BlackBox13, fresh off being awarded the “Best Vegas Hard Rock Band” award less than a week earlier at the Vegas Rocks! Magazine Awards.  Joshua Scott, Joe Wiehl, Todd Turgeon and Cory Kay, took the stage to Army of None, the title track off their upcoming album set to be released Fall of 2012.  They performed a strong set, closing with Senseless, the song from their debut music video that recently went viral on youtube.  (Senseless by BlackBox13 on YouTube.)   The crowd, most of whom was seeing BlackBox13 for the first time, quickly voiced their approval, moved in close to the stage and rocked out the entire set.  A great compliment was paid to BlackBox13 by headlining vocalist, Chris Hall, of The Dreaming when, during his set, he called out to BlackBox13 vocalist, Joshua Scott, and said “You guys fucking ROCKED!”  I personally work closely with BlackBox13 so I’ll reserve my enthusiastic opinions of their set and let Chris’ words speak for me.

Photos of BlackBox13’s set, opening the night for The Dreaming:

Over the past 5 years, The Dreaming has built  a strong, loyal, following who know all the words from the current album, the prior EP’s and music from Chris’ prior project, Stabbing Westward, and those fans sing every word back to him during the set.  Chris is easily one of the best rock vocalists alive.  While  Chris fronts the band with his angst ridden, powerful vocals, Drummer Johnny Haro, is behind the kit, with a big smile, making it all look easy.  Martin Kelly on bass and Rich Jazmin on guitar complete the current lineup and are both stellar additions to the band.

The Dreaming gave us a set full of their new songs, some old favorites from their prior EP’s, a representation of the best of Stabbing Westward and an unexpected and completely rocked out version of Adele’s Set Fire to the Rain.  Yes, that’s right, they covered Adele and it was awesome.

UPDATED: Check out The Dreaming’s video of “Alone” featuring my photos of them performing in Las Vegas with Walter Flakus of Stabbing Westward:

Photos of The Dreaming:

The Dreamings’ setlist for the night was:

  1. Puppet
  2. Breathing
  3. Fight for You
  4. What Do I Have to Do?*
  5. End in Tears
  6. Make It Go Away
  7. Every Trace
  8. Set Fire to the Rain**
  9. It’s No Good
  10. There Will Be Blood
  11. So Far Away*
  12. Bullet
  13. Ugly
  14. Shame*
  15. Sometimes It Hurts*
  16. Save Yourself*

(*Stabbing Westward Cover &  ** Adele Cover)

Connect with The Dreaming  to keep up with upcoming tour dates, music, and video releases @ www.thedreamingband.com.

Connect with BlackBox13 at www.BlackBox13.com

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