Vinyl at The Hard Rock Hotel Casino presents Chevelle, October 5, 2012, Las Vegas, Nevada

Dean Bernardini of Chevelle, Photos courtesy of Karen Mandall/©Erik Kabik Photography, LLC

Chevelle earned the honor of being the first band to sell out Hard Rock’s newest venue, Vinyl, on Friday, October 5, 2012.   Chevelle is touring in support of their latest album, Hats Off to the Bull, and seeing this three piece power house of a band in the intimate setting at Vinyl was a real treat.

Chevelle took the stage to Sleep Apnea, then gave the crowd their new album’s title track, Hats Off To The Bull. Pete Loeffler has one of the best voices in modern rock and sounds as strong live as he does on their recordings.  The band’s signature powerful sound was even more so in the intimate setting at Vinyl.  I love seeing a band and knowing everything I hear is live, no tracks, no tricks.  The energy was high and the connection between the band and the fans was strong throughout the entire show.

Chevelle ended the night with a three song encore including Comfortable Liar, The Red and my favorite new song off the new album, Face To the Floor.  Face to the Floor has the most infectious riff, I can’t get enough of it.   Chevelle has hinted on their facebook page that they will be back at Vinyl in the future and just like this show, I’m sure it will sell out so don’t delay buying tickets.

Check out their latest album Hat’s Off to the Bull and connect with the band online at to get their upcoming tour dates.   Scroll down for a complete setlist from the night below the photo gallery.

Photos by Karen Mandall for ©Erik Kabik Photography, LLC

Set list:

  1. Sleep Apnea
  2. Hats Off to the Bull
  3. Jars
  4. The Meddler
  5. Vitamin R
  6. Get Some
  7. Closure
  8. Still Running
  9. I Get It
  10. Envy
  11. Pinata
  12. The Clincher
  13. Letter from a Thief
  14. Send the Pain Below
  15. Comfortable Liar
  16. The Red
  17. Face to the Floor

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