Voodoo Music Experience and Rehage Entertainment presents Star and Dagger

Star and Dagger ware part of the Voodoo lineup this year, giving the festival crowds an introduction to the newest band from Sean Yseult (White Zombie) and members of Queens of the Stone Age (drummer Gene Trautmann), Cycle Sluts from Hell (guitarist Donna She Wolf) and Eagles of Death Metal (guitarist Dave Catching). Vocalist Marci Von Hesseling, a relatively a new name in front of the microphone, and she belted out biker-in-the-bar lyrics over the bands’ more heavy metal sound, but there is definitely some blues and southern edge in there too. Von Hessling on stage evokes more than a nod to Cherie Currie all grown up, sending out a vibe of sex and hard rock and roll that perfectly sums up the bands edge and direction. Their sound has distinctive metal roots (per Yseult and Donna) but the aura lies heavy in dirty blues and booze, and even a hint of hillbilly on the new single.

Star and Dagger has an EP out, In My Blood from last year and are shopping an upcoming CD Tomorrowland Blues produced by Ethan Allen and Dave Catching. The band has a video out for single “You’re Momma Was a Grifter” (from Tomorrowland) with scenes riding heavily on the vibe of Russ Meyer and a fun play on the campy sexploitation of the genre and the dominant powerful female, a link not missed with this hard rocking female fronted group.  Lina Lecaro from LA Weekly called the band  “The perfect blend of Black Sabbath and Valley of the Dolls”.

There are several videos and  interviews out on Youtube from Star and Dagger, including Grifter (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjO4ZpIwgxk) and look for the new CD out soon. You can track the news and shows for this up and coming outfit at http://www.reverbnation.com/stardagger or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/staranddagger.

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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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