House of Blues Las Vegas presents Lamb of God, Las Vegas, December 12, 2012

Lamb of God returned to the House of Blues Las Vegas on December 12, 2012, to make up for their cancelled show on November 1, 2012 when singer Randy Blythe was too sick to perform.  The House of Blues was packed with fans ready to rock out and show their support to singer, Randy Blythe, who has been dealing with a nightmare of a legal situation in the Czech Republic.  Having recently been released on bond after being arrested on arrival for a concert in the Czech Republic, the arrest stemming from the unfortunate injury that led to the death of a fan at a show in 2010.

I have followed this situation since Randy’s arrest first became news.  I am so impressed that in the face of this nightmare, Randy has remained positive.  The thought of standing trial in a foreign land is terrifying, yet Randy has repeatedly said he will return voluntarily to stand trial.  He knows he is innocent of the charges and has faith justice will prevail.  He has also been honorable and sympathetic to the family of the young man who tragically lost his life after being injured at that concert.  Randy Blythe has proven in the face of great adversity to be a man of strong character and honorable intentions.

Lamb of God’s performances are always strong but this night they either performed at a higher level or I was taking it all in with a greater awareness of what a tragedy it will be if Randy Blythe is faced with anything other than a full acquittal at trial.


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