The Las Vegas Hotel & Casino presents Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo.

Four-time grammy winner Pat Benatar rocked the house at the Las Vegas Hotel to a sold out room for a one night gig in sin city. Accompanied by guitarist and husband Neil ‘Spyder’ Giraldo, the pair was met by wild cheering and fans on their feet for a set showcasing songs that spanned the couple’s history of hits. From the opening “All Fired Up”, the crowd was just that, and Benatar had the pulse of the room in her hand as she wove through “Invincible” and “Sex as a Weapon”. Giraldo took a turn at piano for the intro to “Promises in the Dark” before jumping back on the guitar to heat the song up. Things took a slower turn as Benatar and Giraldo sat front center stage and did an acoustic “We Belong” before powering back into into “Hell is for Children” and “You Better Run”.

Every body in the theater was on their feet all the way up into the balcony for “Hit Me with your Best Shot” and “Love is a Battlefeild”. Benatar showed she still has the voice to chill you, and Giraldo shined with his amazing guitar skills in the solos and songs from the duos’ greatest hits from their decades spanning career.

An encore completed the night with a spirited “Everybody Lay Down” and “Let’s Stay Together” before the finale of the night… Fans were singing and on their feet as Benatar and Giraldo stormed into “Heartbreaker”, added a mid-song mash-up with a little “Ring of Fire”,  a smidgen of Zeppelin’s “Heartbreaker” guitar solo in the mix, a touch of The Godfather theme, and an impromptu solo by Giraldo at the end to finish off  a great night of music and song.

Rumors have suggested there may be a residency in the works somewhere down the line, and if the recent show is anything to go by it would be a hell of a run. We can only wait and see. For the time being though there is a co-headlining show with Cheap Trick and Benatar/Giraldo in Vegas in June 2013.

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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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