Live Nation presents Volbeat at the House of Blues, Las Vegas, March 14, 2013

Volbeat is touring in advance of the release of their highly anticipated album, Outlaw Gentlemen and Shady Ladies, available everywhere on April 9th.  They draw a high energy crowd and the Las Vegas House of Blues was packed.   I have crossed paths with the same group of front row fans at every Volbeat show I’ve photographed the past few years. I think one of the things I enjoy most about a Volbeat show is their fan base.  Always having a blast, a positive vibe, a roomful of strangers singing, moshing, and smiling.  Volbeat shows are so much fun!

Guitarist, Rob Caggiano, formerly of Anthrax, produced and co-wrote on the upcoming album and is now an official member of Volbeat.  I have seen Volbeat with each of their prior guitarists and while every version of the lineup has been stellar, Rob Caggiano brings a heavier element to the music and I think is a perfect fit.  Michael Poulsen’s distinctive voice and the Volbeat blend of heavy metal and original 1950’s style rock is unique yet familiar.  I fell in love with this band the first time I saw them perform live and have never been disappointed.  If Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Metallica formed a supergroup they would sound very much like Volbeat.  Mark your calendar for April 9th and get your copy of the new album!

The setlist for this show:

  1. Hallelujah Goat
  2. A New Day
  3. Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood
  4. Heaven nor Hell
  5. Sad Man’s Tongue
  6. Lola Montez
  7. The Human Instrument
  8. 16 Dollars
  9. A Warrior’s Call
  10. Mary Ann’s Place
  11. Angelfuck 
(Misfits cover)
  12. Another Day, Another Way
  13. Dead But Rising
  14. The Hangman’s Body Count
  15. Still Counting
  16. The Mirror and the Ripper
  17. Fallen
  18. My Body 
(Young the Giant cover)
  19. Pool of Booze, Booze, Booza

They also gave us a medley of samples of Slayer, Judas Priest & Rammstein just for fun!

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