Vinyl Las Vegas inside Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas presents CRASHDÎET and Crucified Barbara.

Club Vinyl hosted a night of Swedish sleaze with CRASHDÎET along with Crucified Barbara at Hard Rock Las Vegas premier rock club. Crucified Barbara, an all girl glamrock quartet sans Stockholm drew a fist pumping response as they ripped out songs from their decade plus run with heavy nod to their 2012 release The Midnight Chase, kicking off with “The Crucifier” and “Shut Your Mouth”. Mia Coldheart, Klara Force, Ida Evileye and Nikki Wicked kept the crowd mesmerized as the tore up the stage precursor for the Swedes to come.

CRASHDÎET headlined the night and mohawked singer Simon Cruz howled into “Change the World” and the crowd went wild as he paraded and punched through a set heavy with songs from Savage Playground, the newest release, as well as making sure the long held fans got a taste from Rest In Sleaze and Generation Wild. The band is not new to Las Vegas, they have make it a stop on their prior tours and the fans here came out to support Simon and mates Martin Sweet (guitar), Peter London (bass) and Eric Young (drums) and watch them rip through another night in Sin City. CRASHDÎET included “Tikket”, “Anarchy”, “In the Raw”, “Breakin’the Chainz” and more before finishing with the single and new video “Cocaine Cowboys” and a pounding “Generation Wild”.

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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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