The Pearl Theater at the Palms Casino Las Vegas presents Billy Idol with Steve Stevens, May 25, 2013.

Billy Idol slammed into his near sell out show at the Pearl with “Ready Steady Go” to a screaming, fist pumping crowd. The punk pop icon jumped and sneered and snarled his way into a full ‘best of’ night that included Gen X  hits “Dancing with Myself” and “King Rocker”, classic Idol power rock faces’ “Cradle of Love”, “Rebel Yell” and “Blue Highway” and slower ballads “Flesh for Fantasy”, “Sweet 16”, and “Eyes without a Face”. Idol looked great, sounded great, reaching out and grabbing hands with the crowd up and even signing a leather jacket thrown up on stage before handing it back out to the owner up front. A few brides in the audience got a serenade (to more screams) and Idol led his bandmates through one hell of a show for the packed venue. Idol and guitarist Steve Stevens traded the center spotlight as Stevens shredded through solos and Idol belted out anthems, with guitarist Billy Morrison (The Cult) filling out the front line. The night would not be complete without “White Wedding”, which started out with Idol and Stevens in the spotlight doing an acoustic version for the first verse, but that quickly kicked into full blown electric by the chorus, with the audience singing and dancing along up to the rafters, and an extended “Mony Mony’ finished out the show. Idol’s still got it.

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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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