Hard Rock Live presents Sevendust, September 18, 2013, Las Vegas

Sevendust is one of the hardest working bands to ever grace a stage and I can confidently say no fan will ever leave a Sevendust show feeling like they didn’t get their money’s worth.  On September 18th, Sevendust returned to Las Vegas to play the Hard Rock Live to a packed house of fans who couldn’t wait to get the show started.  Sevendust, always high intensity and hard hitting, is fronted by Lajon Witherspoon and they are better than ever.  Clint Lowery and John Connelly give Sevendust that signature guitar tone that makes you know you are hearing Sevendust from the first note and Vince Horsnby on bass not only laying down the groove, he’s running around having a blast like a kid running out of school on the last day before summer break.  You can always spot the drummers in the crowd at a Sevendust show, they are usually standing there with their jaw dropped, staring at Morgan Rose.

One of my favorite moments of this night was the moment Lajon had with the fans going into Angel’s Son.  This song, is a break from the hard driving heavy metal, but just as intense on an emotional level.  Written to memorialize their friend, James Lynn Strait, frontman for the band Snot, who sadly lost his life along side his beloved dog, Dobbs, in a car accident in 1998.  As Lajon introduced the song, he thanks the fans for all their  support and said they spend so much time on the road, away from their families  they often see the fans more than their loved ones.  The fans have obviously become a family to the band and they clearly love bringing the music out to us city by city, but it was a touching reminder of the reality of being a touring musician, spending so much time missing their families, living in a bus.  The song was very touching and it was obvious they were singing that song with their families on their minds.

Sevendust currently has tour dates scheduled through November 22nd and are performing on the Shiprocked cruise next January.

Sevendust by Karen MandallSet List:

1. Pieces
2. Till Death
3. Denial
4. Praise
5. Waffle
6. Got A Feeling
7. Angel’s Son
8. Black
9. Strong Arm Broken
10. Decay
11. Splinter
12. Face To Face

Upcoming Tour dates:  SEVENDUST TOUR DATES

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