The Palms Casino Resort presents Alice in Chains, The Pearl Theater, October 26, 2013

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains at The Pearl Theater, Palms Casino, Las Vegas 10/26/2013 ©Karen Mandall |

Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains at The Pearl Theater, Palms Casino, Las Vegas 10/26/2013
©Karen Mandall |

Alice in Chains wasted no time in Las Vegas, taking the fans to the roots of the band with three songs, from their most successful album to date, Dirt, starting off with the title track then Them Bones and Dam that River.   As a fan from the beginning, I immediately noticed Sean Kinney’s drum head, “LSMS” and appreciated the tribute to Layne Staley and Mike Starr.

Hollow  and Stone (official videos posted below) are two of my favorite tracks from the latest album The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here and I was happy to hear them along with my favorite track from this latest album, Phantom Limb.  Phantom Limb is one of the best Alice In Chains songs of all time in my opinion and I hope they have a video in the works for it soon.  Stone kicks in with Mike Inez laying down a bass line that immediately has the crowd in the groove, singing one of my favorite lines from the new album “What makes you want to carve your initials in me”.   

The night ended with three crowd favorites, Down in a Hole, Would? and then closing out the night with Rooster.  The night ended too soon, as it always does with Alice in Chains.  A night full of familiar favorites mixed with the latest and, in my opinion, some of the best Alice In Chains has ever written.   Jerry Cantrell, William DuVall, Mike Inez and Sean Kinney continue to evolve, bringing a fresh perspective while maintaining that signature Alice in Chains sound.

Their tour is continuing to the UK with Walking Papers and Ghost in November then on to Australia in February for the Soundwave Festival dates.  I’ll be in Las Vegas, hoping they come back soon!

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