Nine Inch Nails | Voodoo Experience 2013 in New Orleans then on to New Zealand and Australia in March 2014

Rehage Entertainment and Voodoo Experience 2013 present Nine Inch Nails.

Nine Inch Nails Voodoo Experience, New Orleans ©Jo Anna Jackson |

Nine Inch Nails
Voodoo Experience, New Orleans
©Jo Anna Jackson |

Nine Inch Nails was the headlining band for Voodoo Experience Day 2 in New Orleans, and the festival had a massive turnout for the evenings final show. Trent Reznor was joined by longtime touring guitarist Robin Finck on the front Ritual Stage line, and an array of keyboardists, guitarists, drums and backup singers filled the rest of the stage along with a pretty huge amount of fog and towering strobe lights. Reznor got things under way with “Copy of A” from the new NIN album Hesitation Marks that came out in August, and the set leaned heavy on the new material from this release. There were also quite a few bigger hits from the past included from Downward Spiral , Fragile and Pretty Hate Machine, but absent were “Closer” and “Down In It” which I kind of expected might make it into the program but didn’t happen. Reznor did include the Bowie cover “I’m Afraid of Americans”  which was a treat (NIN performed and recorded the song with Bowie when they co-toured in the 90’s).

Reznor stayed front center for the length of the set, hanging onto the mic stand and alternately playing guitar, but not really straying from his post except for keys on a couple slower numbers. The huge stage was a great backdrop for the towers of backlights and created a dramatic scene for the army of fans reaching far into the night past the circle of light from the stage. NIN was one of the few acts on the huge main stage during Voodoo that could drown out the rave coming from the stage across the field, It became intrusive to most of the other stages but NIN seem to be able to overpower the boom-tiss and furry boot crowd.

The huge horde filling the Ritual field gave a tremendous response for “Terrible Lie” from Pretty Hate Machine, and “Head like a Hole” was the biggest hit with the crowd, you could barely hear Reznor’s vocals over the throng yelling the lyrics and fists were pounding the air. In contrast the response was semi flat for “Sanctified” off the same cd, showing a lot of the younger fans didn’t really know some of the older material unless it had made radio along the way. Case in point, when NIN broke into the final encore of the night with “Hurt”,  a teenager next to me began telling another that NIN was ‘covering a Johnny Cash song’. I of course had to straighten that out immediately, even though the kid looked rather doubtful as to whether I was telling the truth and wondered off giving me the hairy eyeball. The range of ages and types of people packed in to see the show ran the gamut, so newer fans got an education into more of the history of NIN with what the long setlist of songs from now and years ago portrayed.

NIN has a few more dates in the US and Canada throughout November, including a two night stand in Las Vegas, November 15th and 16th, and then will extend the tour into Australia in the spring. For more info and news check out their website at

Upcoming Tour Dates – 2013 North America and 2014 Australia/New Zealand (with Queens of the Stone Age), click this link:  NINE INCH NAILS ON TOUR

Nine Inch Nails | Voodoo Experience setlist

Nine Inch Nails Voodoo Experience, New Orleans ©Jo Anna Jackson |

Nine Inch Nails
Voodoo Experience, New Orleans
©Jo Anna Jackson |

Copy of A
Terrible Lie
March of the Pigs
All Time Low
Came Back Haunted
Find My Way
Various Methods of Escape
The Frail
The Wrenched
The Big Come Down
A Warm Place
I’m Afraid of Americans
The Hand That Feeds
Head like a Hole

Purchase Nine Inch Nails new release "Hesitation Marks" direct from the band - Click on the album art to go direct to their website!

Purchase Nine Inch Nails new release “Hesitation Marks” direct from the band – Click on the album art to go direct to their website!

Even Deeper
In This Twilight
While I’m Still Here
Black Noise






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