Rehage Entertainment and Voodoo Experience 2013 present Kid Rock who brought his fans to party!

Kid Rock  was probably the most unlikely act Voodoo could have found to play on the Ritual mainstage and open for the Cure, it was almost comical to digest. Kid Rock fans brought BBQ and beer into the main field for a rocking good time and the show started off big with “Devil Without a Cause” and the pace just never slowed down. Kid Rock brought out the big hits and played almost medley-like through some cuts, sampling himself inside some songs and circling back to the main tune before rolling onto the next. The set’s choices from Kid Rock’s diverse sound mixing rap, rock and country made for a contrastive night, and Kid even took a turn as ‘DJ Bobby Shazam’, spinning on the DJ deck for a little cigar break, and then jumped back down on to the stage floor for a little classic ‘Kid’ rock with “Rock-n-Roll Jesus”.  “All Summer Long” had the sea of fans singing along, and “F#ckin’ Forty” had them full-on laughing out loud. Kid Rock kept the momentum going, dancing and jumping and pacing the huge stage, but slowed things as the set wound toward its close with a tribute to the troops, standing atop a baby grand center stage and dropping a colossal American flag for a final backdrop to go with his emotion-laced “Born Free”.

The set finished up with a fist pumping “Bawitdaba” and the crowd joined in, beers in the air and chanting the chorus for a final frenzied hooha before the tearjerker Cure crowd rambled in to take their place.

Kid Rock at Voodoo Experience New Orleans. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

Kid Rock at Voodoo Experience New Orleans. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos



Kid Rock Voodoo Set List:
Devil Without a Cause
You Never Met a Motherf#cker Like Me
American Bad Ass
Wasting Time
All Summer Long
Can’t You See
F#ckin’ Forty
DJ Bobby Shazam
Rock N Roll Jesus
Only God Knows Why
Born Free


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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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