Tye Zamora by Karen MandallIf you’ve ever seen Alien Ant Farm, you know Tye Zamora is serious musical talent and now you can learn from the man himself!

Tye has tutorials for Alien Ant Farm songs available on youtube to get you started and give you a feel for his teaching style.  He has posted bass breakdowns and play along videos so as you advance your skills you can play along with him.   It’s obvious from watching the videos that he’s not only one of the best bassists alive, he’s also a funny, humble and super cool human being.  If you are a bass player ready to improve your skills, do yourself a favor and check out the tutorials and get in touch with Tye personally to set up private lessons.  Tye teaches regularly in Los Angeles and Boston, as well as via Skype so even if you aren’t living in those cities, you can benefit from his knowledge!

You can reach Tye Zamora directly for bass lessons via his email address:  tyezamoramusic@gmail.com

Check out Alien Ant Farm’s video for Movies then check out Tye Zamora’s tutorials for the song.  Tye has a lot of great content up on his youtube channel so add him to your favorites!

Direct Link to Tye’s Youtube channel here:  Tye Zamora on Youtube






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