Vamp’d Las Vegas presents Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel. Vamp’d Rock Bar and Grill in Vegas was packed with fans who poured out to see the new band from legendary guitarist Jake E. Lee. Reviews of the first couple shows were mixed and the crowd was itching to see Lee rip up some guitar solos and see if the chosen singer had the chops to keep up. Jake E. Lee has been out of the spotlight in the music scene for more years than we want to count, and this new venture has fans chomping at the bit for more tour dates and shows across the US with the buzz red hot just a few shows in. The show fired up with the Ozzy/Jake classic “Ultimate SIn”, and it was exhilarating to see Lee back in pure form shredding solos and throwing the guitar around again like years had never passed, and it was stunning to hear “Rock n Roll Rebel” and “Bark at the Moon” from the guitarist that made them classics.

Red Dragon Cartel’s lineup is part newcomers and part longtime music legends, with Jake E. Lee (Ozzy, Badlands) heading a cast with producer Ronnie Mancuso (Beggars &Thieves) that includes drummer Jonas Fairley and vocalist Darren James Smith. Smith got somewhat of a press review beatdown from the bands first show in LA recently, and shortly into the Vegas set Smith referred to it with something like “let’s just forget about the first show and start over right now”. Granted the first LA show Smith seemed somewhat over the top, but in Vegas the band had gelled to a solid tuned-in lineup across the stage, Smith was well on his mark, had a vocal range and power that stood out for the classic songs, and was impressive as RDC nailed a set that included Ozzy, Badlands and several new tunes from the upcoming release.

The new CD from Red Dragon Cartel is slated to drop January 27th from Frontier records, although there are some press versions circling out there already with some rave reviews. The album features quite a few special guests including Robin Zander from Cheap Trick, Original Iron Maiden Vocalist Paul Di’Anno,Todd Kerns and Brent Fitz (Slash), Rex Brown (Pantera), Maria Brink (In this Moment), Jeremy Spencer (Five FInger Death Punch), and Scott Reeder (Kyuss).

For more info on the band, the tour, and the new cd visit Red Dragon Cartel at

Vegas Setlist

Ultimate Sin
High Wire
War Machine
Shine On
Shout It Out

Rock N’Roll Rebel
In A Dream
Rumblin’ Train
Sun Red Sun
Bark At The Moon

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