Amon Amarth kicked off their “Deceiver of the Gods” Tour in Las Vegas with the premiere of their new video for “Father of the Wolf”.

Amon Amarth fans arrived hours early to the House of Blues Las Vegas to run for the coveted rail position to be as close as possible to the stage.  This night was opening night of Amon Amarth’s “Deceiver of the Gods” tour and the premiere for their new music video/short film “Father of the Wolf” (you can watch the video below).

Opening bands for this tour are Norwegian metal band Enslaved  and Ohio based, Skeletonwitch.  Both bands delivered intense sets and are great additions to this tour lineup.  Photos of both opening acts are included below.

Amon Amarth’s set kicked off with the song from the new video “Father of the Wolf”, followed by the title track from their new album, “Deceiver of the Gods”.  The set was intense and once the final song “The Pursuit of Vikings” was finished, the Swedish Vikings had conquered Las Vegas.  Amon Amarth disappeared into the night to continue their tour leaving behind not a trail of destruction but a sea of satisfied metal fans.  Don’t miss Amon Amarth with Skeletonwitch and Enslaved when the “Deceiver of the Gods” tour comes to your city!

Screenplay By: Daniel J.W. Hughes
Story By: Ramon Boutviseth
Starring: Davis Osborne & Ryan Barringer
Executive Producers: Brian Slagel & Justin Arcangel
Produced & Directed by Ramon Boutviseth

Las Vegas Setlist:

  1. Father of the Wolf
  2. Deceiver of the Gods
  3. Death in Fire
  4. Free Will Sacrifice
  5. As Loke Falls
  6. We Shall Destroy
  7. Runes to My Memory
  8. Varyags of Miklagaard
  9. The Last Stand of Frej
  10. Guardians of Asgaard
  11. Blood Eagle
  12. Warriors of the North
  13. Destroyer of the Universe
  14. Cry of the Black Birds
  15. War of the Gods
  16. Twilight of the Thunder God
  17. The Pursuit of Vikings






Amon Amarth fans from Las Vegas hyped up and ready for the show!

Amon Amarth fans ready for show to begin!

Amon Amarth Gallery:


Enslaved Gallery:


Skeletonwitch Gallery:

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