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I remember reading the press last year about Motörhead’s tour being cancelled due to Lemmy Kilmisters’s health issues.  It was sad news that I didn’t want to hear.    Lemmy is larger than life, the seemingly indestructible, hard living epitome of a rockstar.  In my opinion, he is the real King of Rock & Roll and to be faced with the news that he is a mere mortal didn’t go over well with me.

When I found out Motörhead was booked for Coachella and shows in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco during the month of April I knew Lemmy must be getting better.  I was excited to see for myself in Las Vegas at The Pearl Theater in Palms Casino Resort.

Motörhead began their set with Lemmy walking up to the mic and telling us “WE are Motörhead and we are going to kick . . . your . . .ASS!”  I started shooting and smiled.

Motörhead gave me what I came for . . . full throttle rock, LOUD and proud, and a crowd of fans soaking it in and loving every minute of  Phil Campbell’s guitar solos, Mikkey Dee’s drumming, and seeing Lemmy with his hand triumphantly in the air, looking around to the crowd to let us know he’s back.  It was a night of celebration.

Sure, Lemmy has been sick, but Lemmy at age 68 is more bad ass than rockers a third of his age.  I walked away from the show with one of Lemmy’s guitar picks, and memories of another great Motörhead show.  I am happy to report that it’s business as usual for Motörhead!

Motorhead by Karen Mandall April 17 2014-4526MOTÖRHEAD Set List, Las Vegas 4/17/2014
1. Damage Case
2. Stay Clean
3. Metropolis
4. Over the Top (followed by Phil Campbell solo)
5. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
6. Lost Woman Blues
7. Doctor Rock (with Mikkey Dee drum solo)
8. Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
9. Going to Brazil
10. Killed by Death
11. Ace of Spades
12. Overkill


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