Powerman 5000 collided with a packed club of fans at the Las Vegas Country Saloon, touring in tandem with 9Electric and  bringing special guests Knee High Fox.

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Knee High Fox brings their blood and sex tinged punk to Vegas with vocalist Christine Connolly stomping back and forth across the stage, inadvertently pausing to pout and tease before pounding you with screaming vocals and bad girl lyrics. The tunes run from sing-song verses to screaming raging choruses, keeping you on your toes with the flux of sweet versus kick your ass. The LA based band also features Simon Nagel on bass, Tuesdai Murgia on drums, and Neal Tiemann on guitar.

9Electric frontman  is no stranger to Vegas, the band has made it a stopping point touring in the last couple years and forms a solid fan base in Sin City. The electro-metal foursome put on a power packed show with vocalist Thunderwood,  M. Lopez on Guitar, CaseyDC on bass, and Micah Electric on Drums. 9Electric have been working on new music and have a video out for “Feel This” you can check out below with the photo gallery of their set. News from 9E is there will be more music, shows and videos out in 2014 so stay tuned… You can pick up their cd “Can You Feel This” at shows on the tour.

Powerman 5000 hit the stage around midnight and tore into “Invade, Destroy, Repeat” to a pumped up house, the first track off their upcoming cd Builders of the Future that is set for release on May 27th. Spider One’s electro-punk power metal anthems were all covered including “Super Vllian”, Bombshell”, “Stars Revolt” and When Worlds Collide”, along with latest single “How to Be A Human”, released last year on Itunes and also on the new forthcoming cd. Fans jumped en mass and pounded fists in the air, Spider had the throng of punk cohorts  in the air and with his current line up (Richard Jazmin – Guitar , Nick Quijano – Guitar, Gustavo Aued – Bass, Dj Rattan – Drums) gave a new look and sound into what is coming next for PM5K.

Screen shot 2014-04-23 at 1.22.15 PMPK5M Vegas Setlist
1. Invade Destroy Repeat
2. SUper Villan
3. Nobody’s Real
4. Hey, That’s Right
5. How to Be A Human
6. You’re Gonna Love It..
7. Show Me What You’ve Got
8. We Want It All
9. City of the Dead
10. Horror Show
11. Bombshell
12. Supernova Goes Pop
13. Stars Revolt
14. When Worlds Collide

You can pre-order the new cd and get a free download of the single, or just check out the single download on Itunes at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/id844635615. Powerman and 9Electric have an extended tour that will continue through April and May across the US, winding through Texas, the south and back up the east coast. Keep up with tour dates in your area for Powerman with 9Electric at their respective websites  http://www.9electric.com/home/ and http://www.powerman5000.com/ . More on Knee High Fox at http://www.kneehighfox.com/. Check out concert dates and what is coming next at Las Vegas Country Saloon at http://www.lvcountrysaloon.net/.

Powerman5000 Photo Gallery

9Electric Video and Photo Gallery

Knee High Fox Photo Gallery




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