Nekromantix kicked off the Viva Las Vegas weekend for the House of Blues in Las Vegas, bringing psychobilly to the party for the annual Las Vegas “biggest rockabilly party in the world” event. Nekromantix is a usual fixture for Viva Las Vegas, and this year the crowd piled into the HOB for the pschopunk offerings that Kim Nekroman, Francisco Mesa and drummer Lux could pound out. Nekromantix signature style mixes horror movie lyrics with psychopunk/surf/rockabilly sounds to create a tight, technical but whimsical take on the psychobilly genre. From Kim Nekroman’s stand up trademark coffin bass to the hard hitting drum stylings of Lux, to the ripping guitars of Mesa, the band keeps the pace frantic and the show raving, and the crowd responded with a active pit on the floor level and dancing on the mezzanine. Nekromantix played from their vast eight album repertoire, with a little shuck-n-jive with the crowd and a drum solo from Lux in the mix. This was the last night on the spring tour, and the band went all out to end it with a headlong freight train assault and bringing down the house for a rockabilly send off for the weekend ahead.

News just released this week after the show, drummer Lux has announced her departure from the band, a long time fixture in the last six years she will be moving on with new ventures this year, but will still be in place for the summer festival tour. The band has announced they are starting the search for a new drummer, and has posted some info on their facebook page on how to put your two cents in.

Screen shot 2014-04-30 at 10.16.18 PMYou can check their Facebook page for tour dates, band info and news at  You can purchase their last cd “What Happens in Hell, Stays in Hell” on Amazon at or Itunes at


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