The Joint at the The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas presents Guns N’ Roses

gnrGuns N’ Roses second Las Vegas Hard Rock residency kicked off Wednesday May 21, 2014, this time promising No Trickery during their new Evening of Destruction.

After a quick introduction of “Ladies and gentlemen, Guns N’ Roses!” from actor and Vegas resident Nicholas Cage, the show opened with guitarist DJ Ashba high up over the stage silhouetted in red while fireworks and explosions shook The Joint for the powerhouse lead into “Chinese Democracy”.  And they were almost on time. Almost. A pretty potent start to a night of hits and a light show from hell, and Axl commandeered the stage following with “Welcome to the Jungle” as the set got under way.

The list touched on GNR debut hits like “It’s so Easy” and “Mr Brownstone”, later GNR classics “November Rain” and “You Could Be Mine”, a few choice covers, and some added bonuses from some of the bandmates.  Bassist Tommy Stinson (Replacements) sang lead on a cover of the Sex Pistols “Holiday on the Sun” and guitarist Bumblefoot took the lead vocals on his own “Abnormal”.  There were the obligatory solos from the trio of GNR guitarists: Bumblefoot, Ashba, and Richard Fortus (Compulsions), as well as keyboardist Dizzy Reed’s Piano solo, and a couple of free jams with the guitarists and band (with drummer Frank Ferrer and added keyboardist Chris Pitman).

Axl looked good, sounded like classic Axl, and seemed to be having a great time on stage, smiling and slapping hands down front while he belted out the GNR favorites for the crazy mass of fans there to soak up the first night in. The initial set came to a dynamic climax with “Nightrain”, but the band returned to the stage for an extended encore that started with another free jam, a crowd sing-a-long with “Patience”, (Axl can do that whistle part really REALLY good), and the finale was a crowd-screaming “Paradise City” with lasers and strobes gone wild, fire and explosions across the stage, a seemingly endless cannon of confetti covering the entire ground floor of the venue, as Axl screamed “GOOD F#$KIN’ NIGHT” tossed his mic to the masses and it was done. At least for opening night.

The show goes on with select nights through June 7th, and according to the band and new interviews historically the set changes according to Axl’s whim and artistic calling from night to night. So no two shows should be the same, GNR plays what they feel as they go along, and it keeps the sets fresh and the show new if you are heading out for a second or third night. For more information on shows and tickets you can check

Guns 'N Roses at the Joint in Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos.

Guns ‘N Roses at the Joint in Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos.

Opening Night Setlist:
Chinese Democracy
Welcome to the Jungle
It’s So Easy
Mr Brownstone
Rocket Queen
Richard Fortus solo
Live and Let Die
This I Love
Holidays in the Sun
Dizzy Reed solo
Catcher in the Rye
You Could Be Mine
DJ AShba solo
Sweet Child O’ Mine
Led Zeppelin Jam
November Rain
Don’t Cry
Civil War
Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door
The Seeker
Paradise City


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