Vinyl Las Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel presents The Pretty Reckless, May 28, 2014

Taylor Momsen and her band The Pretty Reckless held reign over a packed house at Vinyl Las Vegas, promoting their new cd Going to Hell just released on March 18. The Gossip Girl actress has made waves with her half-naked, punk-goth girl style adopted in the past year, as The Pretty Reckless’ new singles have hit the air and video waves with most recent “Heaven Knows” scoring a spot on Billboard’s mainstream chart at number 1.

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The art of shock seems to be at least, in part, what Momsen is selling, with prior sister singers In this Moment and Butcher Babies tilting the wheel in that direction (and all have a heavy nod to Courtney by the way). Momsen’s sex appeal and teen rebellion sit at the forefront, but the band have real talent.  The Pretty Reckless backs up songs of angst and uncertainty with solid musicianship and tunes led by a sometimes snarling, sometimes vulnerable singer who can hold the room’s attention at the tender age of 20.

Vinyl drew a huge crowd to check out the show, just days after the release of the new cd, and The Pretty Reckless gave them their money’s worth.  Momsen writhed and chanted her way through a mostly backlit veiled set that included their pre-released singles “Heaven Knows” , “Follow Me Down” and title track “Going To Hell”.

The Pretty Reckless will continue touring this summer with a number of festival gigs and then back in the states and Canada through November, with another Vegas date at Vinyl set for  October 15th. Track the band, news, and purchase the cd on their website at

The Pretty Reckless at Vinyl Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

The Pretty Reckless at Vinyl Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos


Vegas Set List 
Follow Me Down
Since you’re Gone
Miss Nothing
Sweet Things
Cold BLooded
My Medicine
Heaven Knows
Make Me Wanna Die
Going to Hell
F#cked Up World

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