This may look like a “Flashback Friday” story but it’s current and it was awesome!  Crazy Chief’s “Chrome Werewolf” Cassette Release at The Bunkhouse Saloon, Friday night, August 29, 2014.

The Bunkhouse Saloon in Downtown Las Vegas, hosted Sands Vacations Records‘ Cassette Release Party for Las Vegas’ own, Crazy Chief.  You read that right, they released a limited edition purple CASSETTE of their album “Chrome Werewolf”.  Never fear, the cassette includes a digital download if you don’t own a tape deck.   Luckily, I do have a tape deck so I was able to listen to the cassette after the show.  It sounded great, right down to that sound at the end when the tape runs out and the deck shuts off with a pop.  That sound takes me back to my high school days, making mix tapes to play in my Trans Am on the way to school.  After the cassette, I played the vinyl 7 inch I also picked up at the merch table.  I think I bought one of everything they had for sale including a copy of the coolest show flyer I’ve seen in a long time (see the photo gallery below).

Crazy Chief , with Jesse Amoroso and Nick Thompson on guitars; Dan Conway on Drums; Roxie Amoroso on Bass; and Drew Johnson fronting the band, is heavy grooving Rock and Roll and is undeniably one of the best bands to ever hail from Las Vegas.  Do yourself a favor and get to know more about Crazy Chief.   They have shows coming up in Las Vegas at The Brooklyn Bowl, The Double Down, and during Bike Week at Exile on Main Street (the boutique owned by bassist Roxie Amoroso that sits next door to the other Amoroso family business, Cowtown Guitars).

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