Vintage Trouble Rocked The Life is Beautiful Festival

Vintage Trouble at Life is Beautiful by Karen Mandall-2014IMG_6782I have seen Vintage Trouble twice before in Las Vegas and they are always surrounded by fans who have traveled far to see them perform.  The same was true at Life Is Beautiful Festival.  The barricade at the stage was full of “Troublemakers” as their fans are called but the really cool thing about a festival gig is once the music starts people start making their way to the stage to check out the band even if they are unfamiliar.  After Vintage Trouble’s rowdy, soulful set the ranks of the Troublemakers had been reinforced with several thousand new recruits.  If you don’t have fun at a Vintage Trouble show, there is something wrong with you!

Check out my photos of their set and if you don’t know Vintage Trouble, check out the videos I posted below the photo gallery and go see them next time you get the chance!

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