Gwar at Hard Rock Cafe at the Strip Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

Gwar at Hard Rock Cafe at the Strip Las Vegas. ©Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

GWAR brought the latest incarnation of the scumdogs’ interterestrial journey to back to the Hard Rock Cafe on the Strip in Las Vegas as part of the new Eternal Tour, as the band soldiers on after the loss of lead singer Oderus Urungus (Dave Brockie) earlier this year. The theme of the blood and gore spectacle was where was Oderus? who seemed to have been lost in interplanetary space, and how do they find him and lure him back in to the scumdog fold. This Eternal lineup featured some old and some new characters, and shared singing and frontman duties from new frontman Blothar (former bassist Beefcake the Almighty) and new female vocalist Vulvatron, with additional vocals from Sawborg Destructo, Bone Snapper and now bassist Beefcake the Mighty, as GWAR kept the tradition of a blood soaking gut-spewing good time.

Vulvatron appeared from the future to let the cast know that ‘Mr Perfect’ has stolen Oderus, and later in the show a towering Mr Perfect appeared to sing his namesake song and announce that Oderus was dead, and was then swiftly beheaded and chopped up and blood throw into the crowd. The GWAR tradition of theatrical storyline and speed metal gore-throwing remained, an although the former frenzy that Oderus was able to bring to the show held a different dynamic, the energy and fun continued on and the crowd was just as fevered. Oderos is indeed missed, but GWAR continues its warrior travels through the intergalactic for more time to come.

Las Vegas Setlist

Fly Now
Madness at the Core of Time
The Years Without Light
Hail, Genocide
Techno Destructo
Bone Snapper
Black N Huge
Hate Love Songs
Saddam A Go Go
Horror of Yg
Metal Metal Land
Let Us Slay
Mr Perfect
Gor Gor
The Road Behind
West End Girls (Pet Shop Boys Cover)
Cool Place to Park

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