The Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas hosted Steel Panther in the Pearl Theatre as the opening act for Judas Priest on November 14, 2014.   Steel Panther started the party with their gloriously unapologetic brand of racy humor and rock & roll and fluffed the crowd into a frenzy before handing over the stage to Judas Priest.

Lexxi Foxx is as sparkly and pretty as a prom queen.   Satchel, equally pretty but more butchy than Lexxi, is a top flight guitar virtuoso that could easily fill the void Chris Broderick left in Megadeth, but I doubt Dave Mustaine has much of a sense of humor so it probably wouldn’t work out.  Stix Zadinia could easily pass for former Megadeth drummer, Shawn Drover, but like I said before, Mustaine doesn’t seem like he would be down for all that fun so it’s probably best that Steel Panther just stay together and keep the party going.    Michael Starr, with his golden curls and spandex, charmed the pants off the crowd with his mischievous smile and voice that melted the hearts of even the crustiest of serious metal fans who were trying not to have a good time with the sparkly guys onstage.

Steel Panther will be back in Las Vegas for several dates in February at the House of Blues and they have dates scheduled worldwide so check their website, for the latest information.


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