Sebastian Bach graced the Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge this past Saturday night and it was no surprise that he brought the “Big Guns” for this performance. Being a huge Sebastian Bach fan since the early Skid Row years, my hopes were pretty high for this concert and I was not disappointed.

While this tour is to promote Bach’s newest album, Give ‘Em Hell, only a few songs off the album made the set leaving most of the night with Skid Row songs and an amazing cover of Rush’s Tom Sawyer . With Bach being in his early 40’s, he has proven that not only has he undoubtedly sipped from the fountain of youth, but time has not effected his singing chops in the least as he belted out the big hits 18 and Life, Big Guns, I Remember You, and Youth Gone Wild like it was 1989!

What was most interesting to me was the age range of the fans at this particular show. Some may have come as Skid Row fans, some may have come to hear the significantly heavier music that has become the sound of Bach’s solo career. Some of the younger girls may have come to see Gil (the character that Sebastian played as a small role on Gilmore Girls). But no matter the reason, they all were able to walk away and say they got to see a legend of Rock that night.

SB_give_em_hell_20x20Set List:

Slave to the Grind
Hell Inside My Head
The Threat
Big Guns
Piece of Me
18 and Life
American Metalhead
In a Darkened Room
Monkey Business
Tom Sawyer
Taking Back Tomorrow
I Remember You
All My Friends Are Dead
Youth Gone Wild

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