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Al Fletcher, Grog, and Drew Richards of Die So Fluid at The Whisky at Go Go

Die So Fluid, a rock/metal trio from London just wrapped up two North American tours and have the next one booked for June.  They hit the road this past January, with Wednesday 13 and Eyes Set to Kill, and followed that with a short tour with The Dreaming in March. Die So Fluid continues the tour with The Dreaming in June (see dates below).

I traveled to Hollywood from Las Vegas specifically to catch the closing night for this tour and check out Die So Fluid in person after having been a fan for many years.

The first time I heard about Die So Fluid was October, 2008 when my boyfriend invited me out for our first date to see a band from London he had been listening to since discovering their video for Happy Halloween online.  Die So Fluid was playing the  House of Blues Las Vegas with Mindless Self Indulgence and we showed up just in time to find out another opening act had dropped off the show and Die So Fluid had been put on early.  Sadly, we missed them that night.

Three years later, September 2, 2011, I missed another opportunity to see Grog perform with guitarist Will Crewdson when a huge wildfire spread across Interstate 15 at  Cajon Pass and forced the closure of the road.  There was no alternate route between Las Vegas and Southern California that would get me there in time.

I joke that I have a star crossed love affair with Grog’s music and the universe isn’t going to allow me to see a live performance.  When I learned that Die So Fluid would be touring North America I wondered if there would be an earthquake or flood to keep me away from the show this time!  The first part of the tour, with Wednesday 13 and Eyes Set to Kill, didn’t bring them near me but the second leg with The Dreaming, had them scheduled at The Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood on March 14, 2015, so I put that on my calendar.

On the night of the show, I met up with the band just prior to their set for a quick photoshoot.  They told me the venue had cut them to a 30 minute set to accommodate some scheduling issues for a separate early evening pop show.  The band seemed disappointed and I was too but I’ll take 30 minutes of Die So Fluid if that’s all I can get!

Die So Fluid is a powerhouse three piece with a completely original sound.  So many bands sound alike these days, but Die So Fluid maintains their originality with a visceral and vibrant performance.  The abbreviated set started off with Happy Halloween, and included some favorites, Black Blizzard, Existential Baby, and my highlight of the night, Gang of One.  They closed out the set with Not Everybody Gets a Happy Ending, though that night I was surrounded by a crowd who was not only happy, they were hungry for more.  The only thing this concert needed was more time.

Upcoming June 2015 tour dates:



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