Doyle at Vinyl, Hard Rock Hotel Casino, April 5, 2015

Doyle by Karen Mandall-0576

Doyle giving me that signature stare before taking the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel Casino. ©Karen Mandall

Doyle is known for that intimidating stare through his skull face and devil lock, imposing presence, and the way he stomps around the stage punishing his guitar.  A performance he has delivered to the stage since his days with the legendary Misfits, he now brings the monster he created to the stage with his own band, “Doyle”.

Doyle by Karen Mandall-1210

Doyle’s set list, Las Vegas, 4/5/15

Doyle started the set with the title track of the album, Abominator. and included some favorites from his days with the Misfits, Hybrid Moments, Where Eagles Dare, Last Caress, and Die Die My Darling.  The set was filled out with songs from Doyle’s must have debut album, Abominator, and the fans welcomed the current music with the same enthusiasm as their beloved Misfit songs.

Singer Alex “Wolfman” Story, is intense.   He is a singer that can hold his own on stage next to the most intimidating man in music.  Story’s wild and loud “Wolfman” complements Doyle, who doesn’t have to say much to command attention with that super hero physique and aggressive stage presence.  During our photo shoot before the show, I had an idea for one shot to represent their collaboration and they obliged my request, giving me the pose for the portrait below.  I had a great time photographing these monsters both on and off the stage!

This night was exactly as I knew it would be, brutally intense horror punk/metal and a hell of a lot of fun!  Don’t miss Doyle when he comes to your city!   For the latest tour dates and more visit Doyle’s official website at this link:

Doyle by Karen Mandall-0586

The loud, wild, “Wolfman” Alex Story, and Doyle giving me his strong, silent, death stare during our photo shoot before the show. ©Karen Mandall

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