If I never photograph another concert, I can look back at my work and feel complete because I photographed the musician that inspired my love of Rock & Roll.  In 1981, I was fourteen years old, living in a small town in Georgia, listening to the radio night and day.  That year Joan Jett released two albums, Bad Reputation and I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll.  I was already a bit of a rebel and Joan Jett gave me permission to run with it.   I fell in love . . . with Rock ‘n’ Roll and Joan Jett.

This past Saturday night, I stood in front of the stage, preparing to photograph a concert as I often do, but this time it was more exciting.   Joan Jett was about to take the stage!  I’m not going write out with a detailed rundown of the show because everyone knows that Joan kicks ass every time she takes the stage.  I’ll just share my photos of her set at Sunset Station Casino’s Junefest with you here:


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