Ministry visited the HOB Las Vegas on their new ‘last tour’- From Beer to Eternity with a lineup that included guitarists Monte Pittman ( taking the place of Mike Scaccia, who died in 2012) and longstander Sin Quirin, bassist Tony Campos, drummer Aaron Rossi and keyboardist John Bechdel.

Uncle Al came out wearing a gas mask and brandishing a big stick. Well, a cane, but that makes him sound geriatric, and he definitely was in great form and not the least bit geriatric. Al was all over the stage and looked like he was having a ball. Lots of expected video screen political mayhem. It was very LOUD. VERY LOUD.

Ministry play the first half (in order) of the songs from the CD From Beer to Eternity, then played all the good stuff you were dying to hear from back in the day, except “Stigmata”.  “Hail to His Majesty” indeed.

Ministry at HOB Las Vegas @Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos

Ministry at HOB Las Vegas @Jo Anna Jackson/Stardogphotos


Hail to his Majesty
Punch in the Face
Perfect Storm
Fairly Unbalanced
No W
Rio Grande Blood
Señor Peligro
Lies Lies Lies
Watch Yourself
Life is Good
Just One Fix
So What
Khyber Pass

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