Deftones and Incubus infiltrated the city of New Orleans with a bang as they performed for a sold out crowd at Bold Sphere Music in Champions Square. In 2000, Incubus was an opening act for Deftones’ White Pony tour. Now exactly 15 years later, Incubus has earned the co-headliner status which based on their performance, was well deserved

Deftones5Deftones started out their set strong with songs like, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), My Own Summer (Shove it) and Diamond Eyes. Singer, Chino Moreno, made a comment about how the storms had held out just for them but a few songs later, the weather must have taken his comment as a challenge because it began to pour. The rain didn’t stop the band from finishing their set as they ended with Engine No.9, a powerhouse song off their debut album, Adrenaline, which excited all the diehard Deftones fans

You would think it would be hard to follow such an hard energetic act like the Deftones but it was clear the crowd was amped for Incubus to hit the stage. With a 5 minute countdown on the big screen , you could almost feel the pulses of the crowd increase with anticipation for each minute closer to show time. Incubus hit the stage with a thunderous roar from the crowd and started off the set with their hit song, “Wish You Were Here” and continued strong with songs like, “Nice to Know You,” “Pardon Me,” and “Drive.” They also incorporated the songs “Trustfall” and “Absolution Calling,” two songs of their new EP, Trust Fall (Side A) and ended their set with “A Crow Left of the Murder,” off the album of the same name.

It was amazing to see the diverse fan group that these two bands brought together in one location last night and I think anyone would agree that despite the differences in musical tastes, both bands are equally as talented and both know how to sell out a show.

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