Motörhead at House of Blues  Vegas by Karen Mandall

Motörhead at House of Blues Vegas by Karen Mandall

Motörhead returned to Las Vegas on Friday, August 21, 2015, to the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Hotel Casino, in advance of their August 18th release of their latest album Bad Magic.  I was fortunate to get a preview of the album and all Motörhead fans will want to add the new release to their collection.  It’s straight up Motörhead, fast, loud, and raw.  I especially like Victory or Die, the Rolling Stones’ cover, Sympathy for the Devil, and The Devil featuring Brian May of Queen on guitar!

I have seen many Motörhead shows through the years and in spite of the fact they aren’t getting any younger, they still deliver the classic Motörhead experience.  The band is currently celebrating their 40th year on stage.  Lemmy at age 69 is still a bad ass and though he’s been plagued with health problems in recent years, he soldiers on delivering a performance that only he can and the fans love him more than ever.  Phil Campbell and Mikkey Dee keep the energy high on stage and at times during the performance I noticed Phil checking on Lemmy making sure he’s good which really made me think about the history these guys have shared and created.   This is a band that has been through four decades of touring and recording and they are truly brothers in Rock ‘n Roll.


    1. Damage Case
    2. Stay Clean
    3. We Are Motörhead
    4. Metropolis
    5. Over the Top
    6. The Chase Is Better Than the Catch
    7. Rock It
    8. Doctor Rock
    9. Just ‘Cos You Got the Power
    10. Going to Brazil
    11. Ace of Spades
    12. Encore: Overkill

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