Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine kicked off Punk Rock Bowling 2016 at Las Vegas Country Saloon, headlining a packed show with supporters MIA and the Angry Samoans, and locals Franks & Deans. The Thursday night club shows all over Fremont downtown started off the long holiday weekend of punk rock, that feature the PRB day festival and nightly sold out after shows with a long list of legendary bands through Monday. Never the wallflower, Biafra waxed political through the night in between a mixed setlist of JB and DK faves, culminating in “Holiday in Cambodia” for a frenzied finish. The crowd surfed and moshed and circled and threw stuff and generally had a f*cking great time. Lots of mohawks and martens. And the t-shirt was a sell out.

Lots of great bands still to come day and night all weekend, get out there and mosh. For more info on PRB

PRB LVCS Setlist
The Brown Lipstick Parade
John Dillinger
Road Rage
Panic Land
Barackstar O’Bummer
Mid-East Peace Process
California Über Alles
Let’s Go Stare at Bloody Dead People
Nazi Punks Fuck Off (Altered Lyrics “Nazi Trumps”)
Three Strikes
Chemical Warfare
Pets Eat Their Master
Last Big Gulp
Holiday in Cambodia

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Jo Anna Jackson, Photographer | Writer

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